5 Things I Loved About Last Week 12/21/2013 #celebratelu

Be sure to visit Ruth Ayers blog to check out how our friends are celebrating today.

Be sure to visit Ruth Ayers blog to check out how our friends are celebrating today.

I cannot believe that I’m sitting in front of the Christmas tree watching a Christmas cartoon on the first day of winter break. Between switching school districts and switching grades, this school year has been exhausting. I’m so thankful that I get a chance to reflect and relax these next two weeks.

Here are 5 things I loved about this past week.

1. Staff Breakfast

Before school yesterday, my principal provided a beautiful and delicious breakfast for our entire staff. I even got to bring my kids (they ate a lot). When it was time for students to enter the building my principal headed to the gym and hosted an assembly with the entire student body, so that we could have a little more time to eat.

2. A New Book

This goes along with the staff breakfast, but it is so awesome that I felt it needed its own spot on my top 5. A few weeks ago my principal asked the staff what book that would want if they could get any book for Christmas. When we got to the breakfast each staff member found the book that they asked for wrapped in ribbon. It was really neat to see all the books requested by our staff. I got Holding on to Good Ideas in a Time of Bad Ones by Thomas Newkirk.




3. Smarter Charts

Since this whole Nerdlution thing has started I have become a giant fan of Kristi Mraz. I just had to get the book she co-authored with Marjorie Martinelli, Smarter Charts K-2. I asked my principal if we had a copy. She informed me that we didn’t, but that she would purchase one. I found some time to dig into Smarter Charts Thursday evening. The book has blown me away. I’m a huge fan of charts in the classroom, but I always feel like my charts were missing something. Smarter Charts has really opened my eyes to see how effective, interactive, and awesome charts can be in a classroom.

You must read Smarter Charts.



4. Class Party

I am in no way an expert on class parties. They give me anxiety. I stress out about them for days. Our winter party this week was something that I was really worried about. I decided to give the kids the opportunity to choose what we did during the party. My ideas never work, so I figured their ideas would probably be a whole lot better. I was right. They decided that we should go out side and play in the snow during the party. We ate our pizza, way too many treats, and then we headed outside. Playing with my students in a field filled with snow was amazing. Best school party ever!

5. Break!

It’s winter break! I’m so excited. Time to get off my computer and dig into a good book.

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19 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About Last Week 12/21/2013 #celebratelu

  1. maryleehahn

    Playing in the snow with your students is a GREAT holiday party! Smart kids to think of it; smart teacher to follow their lead! Fun, fun, FUN! (PS — love your principal!!)

  2. Playing in the snow is the best party! We are also huge Smarter Charts fans — so smart! We just ordered Holding on to Good Ideas –thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy your time off!
    Clare and Tammy

  3. I look forward to and very much enjoy reading your daily blog. And your principal sounds like a real WINNER. Breakfast, a personalized gift book, and entertaining students so that staff had a bit more time to socialize??? Wow. Now THAT’S one terrific administrator.

  4. Susan Cabael

    WOW. I love everything about this post, especially the assembly after breakfast–now that’s an administrator who knows how to appreciate the staff. Our principal bought us Smarter Charts earlier in the year, but I was too overwhelmed to even flip through it, but now I’m bummed that I didn’t bring it home to read over break. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I’m with you on celebrating the break with a good book. I challenged my students to read and write over the break, and I joined them. I need to get to it, so I can report my success. Love that your principal is so supportive. Makes all the difference in the world!

  6. Your principal sure knows how to lift spirits. Your students made a fun choice. Thank you for the book recommendations. Enjoy the break – spending time with your kids and reading good books among all the other activities.

  7. Two years and finishing strong...

    Wow…love the new book idea that your principal had….amazing. Switching schools…exhausting. I loved your post on missing your ‘coach’. Thanks for sharing…next week…I will start to CELEBRATE with all of you. xo Nanc

  8. I am also blessed to have a principal who supports his teachers – we all received 15 minute massages on Friday! I will have to check out the books – thanks for the suggestions!

  9. It’s amazing, but I get choked up at least once, every time I read your “5 things” posts!

    1. Staff Breakfast

    LOVE that you got to bring your kids, and that your school does this. I KNOW you miss your old school, but there are SO many things about your moving to THIS school that are SO wonderful, you definitely made the right decision, Colby :D

    2. A New Book

    This is a fantastic idea! How wonderful! I think I love your principal :D

    3. Smarter Charts

    I’m a HUGE fan of charts for pretty much ANYthing! So glad you found a way to improve the tools you love :)

    4. Class Party

    It seems that the times you’ve let your students choose with certain things, they turn out to be a great, intuitive success! I’m sure you won’t forget it, and I’ll be willing to bet each one of your students will NEVER forget getting to play in the snow with their (favorite) teacher :D How precious.

    5. Break!

    You read all the time, but I’m SO curious to hear what you’ve picked for a “break” read!

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