Fig Pudding-Steaming Bowl of Sadness

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” Charles Jones

The end of the school year is never easy.  After spending 180 days with a group of kids you get so close to them, and then the bell rings and they are gone.  In my school 4th grade is the end of the hall.  Once they leave my class they are officially middle-schoolers.  Most of them: come back and visit and  borrow more books, but a few of them walk out the door and never come back.  It breaks my heart to think that I will never see some of them again.

It is amazing how books help us deal with life situations both good and bad.  More than ever in my life, I felt like this class really understands that reading is so much more than words, pictures, and stories.

They learned how through reading you can truly become a better person.  From “Gianna Z” we learned how to deal with the Bianca’s of the world.

Through reading you can learn how to try something new.  By reading “Scaredy Squirrel” we learned that the unknown (middle school) isn’t such a bad place for a squirrel (fourth grader).

Through reading you can learn to stand up for what doesn’t feel right.  After reading “The Other Side” we learned to take a look at who we hang out with.

Through reading we learned how to say goodbye.  Reading “Fig Pudding” helped us see that everyone deals with sadness and loss differently.  When feeling extremely sad we all are given a bowl of “Steaming Sadness”  and we all eat it differently.  Cliff in “Fig Pudding” chose to put off eating his much like Gianna’s mom… putting off eating it as long as possible.

Today was the first day of summer vacation and I sat alone on the back porch and ate my bowl of sadness missing my fourth graders.

I feel that I am a better person today then I was 180 school days ago because of the fourth graders I got to know and because of the books we shared together.  Hopefully the same is true for them.


4 thoughts on “Fig Pudding-Steaming Bowl of Sadness

  1. FIG PUDDING was a landmark book for a group of kids I looped 4th and 5th grade with. It was our first read aloud in 4th grade and our last read aloud in 5th grade. I’ve never read it aloud again — it meant that much to us.

    One of the students from that class came back and visited me last year, 10 years after 4/5. She made me a yidda yadda. She can still quote parts of the book. The book still anchors her to her childhood.

    Happiness can also be found by the steaming bowlful!!


  2. We were extremely lucky to have Ralph Fletcher visit our school last year. He is as funny and as warm as you would imagine him to be. Love Marshfield Dreams as well.


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