Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Rereading old Titles

At Goodwill a couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl.  With the Johnny Depp movie most kids in my class won’t read this timeless classic.  Stupid movie.  I on the other hand have no problem rereading this book, and I don’t like rereading books.

There is something about reading a book that was read to you as a child.  Mrs. Collins, my fourth grade teacher at Parma Elementary, read our class this book. I can still remember sitting in my seat picking at my name tag and imagining poor Charlie huddled around his family opening his one candy bar for the year.  When he realized he hadn’t won the “Golden Ticket” I was crushed.  The world of Willie Wonka seemed like the most magical place to me as a 9 year old, and revisiting that place as a 30 year old was amazing.  It was like visiting an old friend. I give each one of my fourth graders a “Golden Ticket” each month to use as a homework pass.

As I read the part about Augustus being sucked into the pipes out of the chocolate river I could remember looking over at my best friend Cory and smiling as we both tried to picture what they would have felt like. The book took me back to my elementary library when our librarian helped me find “James and the Giant Peach” and “Matilda”.

It is amazing what sticks with you when you read books that touched your life.  What can you remember from being read aloud to as a kid?



2 thoughts on “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Rereading old Titles

  1. I remember my school librarian in first grade reading us Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg. I loved getting an ant’s-eye view of the world and now it’s one of my favorites to share with early elementary kids at the library. 🙂


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