The Qwikpick Adventure Society by Tom Angleberger

Are you a fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda?  Were you super geeked when Darth Paper Strikes Back hit bookshelves last month?  Did you love the writing in Horton Halfpott?  Tom Angleberger is taking kid lit by storm.  Darth Paper is a New York Times bestseller.  Who would have thought that a book about middle schoolers, origami finger puppets, and Mr. Super Clean Fun would take the country by storm?

Well, I did.  Tom Angleberger gets early middle schoolers and late elementary kids as well as anybody.  His writing is fun and lively.  His characters funny and corky.  His stories, silly, but at the same time they deal with the themes and issues that middle schoolers deal with. He writes about things that these kids want to read.  Not what their teachers necessarily want them to read, but more importantly, what they want to read.

The Qwikpick Adventure Society is the story  of 3 middle school friends and their quest to do something fun on Christmas Day.  They decide to try and see the poop fountain in their town before it forever becomes a thing of the past.  Yes, I did say poop fountain.  You will have to read the book to find out more.

This book doesn’t deal with crazy intense issues like: divorce, abuse, death, or betrayel.  It’s about friendship.  This is a story about how kids from different backgrounds, and social class can be the best of friends.  This book is about read life.  Qwikpick is a book that any middle scholer can pick up and instantly relate.

Often in the world that we live in, people that live in trailer parks are refered to as, “trailer trash”. It is an awful stereotype that has somehow become very prominent in our culture and vocabulary.  In my opinion, what makes Qwikpick such an important book, is that it takes kids that live in a trailer park and it shows them as real people.  Awesome poeple! People with hard working parents.  People that are super cool! People that are not. This book shows that “trailer park kids” are just as unnormal as any other kid.

Qwikpik is a rockin’ good time, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it!  I’ll send you off with what Mr. Angleberger said to me before I read it, “I hope you enjoy this stinky book!!”


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