Everything will be Okay


I teach fourth grade in a K-4 building.  Usually, when my students leave me in June they are pretty on fire as readers.  I always worry about them in middle school: will their teacher foster that love or will it be crushed.

One reader I had last year was even more on fire than the rest.  She was nuts about reading.  Her love of reading allowed her to develop a relationship over email with Tom Anlgeberger.  A wiki created by her was a class favorite for book talks. She was the go to girl for book recs.  I wasn’t worried about her at all.   She would be fine in the middle school.

Fast forward to the third day of school this year.  I got an email from a distraught young lady.  Unsure what Lexile was, and why did it mean that she had to read “baby books”.  Her mom called devastated, frustrated, and concerned.  I talked with her, coached her, and helped her see that she could still be the reader that I cried to see go in June.

Fast forward to today.  This was waiting for me in my inbox (names are changed):

Today I walked around the halls with Yoda on my finger!!! I gave Joe, Bob, and Jim and a couple more people random advice!   It was fun buy I wasn’t as good as Dwight!!!      

Not sure why, but the email told me that everything will be alright.

If we value our readers, not just value reading, everything will be okay.

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