My First Author Visit-Michael Scotto

On Friday October 14, my elementary school will host Michael A. Scotto for an author visit. We have had author visits in my 4 years as a teacher, but this will be the first visit that I have played a role in the execution of the visit.  I am nervous.

When Michael agreed to come to Battle Creek for a visit, while he is in Michigan for the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association Trade Show, I was super pumped.  A couple of days later, I realized that I would be in charge of putting this shindig on. I freaked.  The only author visits I had ever been to, pretty much involved the author showing up presenting, and then going home.

Over the last several months I have been reading about author visits on Mr. Schu’s blog Watch.Connect.Read.  His visits are nothing like what I have ever experienced.

Mr. Schu’s Author Visits:

A Morning With Peter Brown

Eric Wight and Frankie Pickle

Luckily, Mr. Schu set up a Google Doc where he answered all of my questions, and gave me amazing advice on how to make this vistit special, both for my students as well as Michael.

Michael has a couple of surprises up his sleeves for the third and fourth graders at my school, and we have a couple of surprises for him.

We can’t wait.

Any last minutes words of advice?


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