10 Things I learned this Weekend on Twitter

1. @mentortexts-Likes the good guy to win. Jen-was left heartbroken in both I Want My Hat Back and The Little Good Wolf, becuase they have less than storybook endings.

2. @paulwhankins-Twitter is a better place with Paul. After a brief pause from Twitter, Paul was back and better than ever this weekend. Loved following his thoughts about poetry Sunday morning.

3. @kelleemoye-Knows her books. Gotta love a girl that can hold her own in a Gary Paulsen conversation.

4. @cppotter-Is the nonfiction belle of the ball. After my great Paulsen conversation with Kellee, Cathy jumped in a reminded us of Mr. Paulsen’s talent as a nonfiction writer.

5. @mrschureads-John really is a celebrity. Talk of his SLJ cover came up in many a tweets this weekend with people lining up at the computer for an autographed copy.

6. @michaelascotto-I love that I am reading the same book as Michael (The Book Theif), and that Twitter gave me a chance to chat about it.

7. @frankisibberson-Loves the outdoors…wait I learned that she hates the outdoors. Not really book related, but kind of funny.

8. @jeremybballer-Is a name to remember in Michigan literacy. I picture Jeremy and myself traveling Michigan like the Blues Brothers helping one school at a time getting kids excited about reading and writing.

9. @cbethm-Is a saint for keeping #titletalk archives. Can’t imagine not having this valuable resource to look back on.

10. @donalynbooks-I believe that what is said in a DM should stay in a DM, but this is my one exception. Donalyn tweeted to me that she was “just a teacher”. She did say that being a teacher includes a lot…but come on Doanlyn. You are so much more than a teacher. You are a rock star! I still can’t believe I talked with her on the phone last week. She is so nice (unless you give her daughter a mindless worksheet to complete).

I learned a lot. I wish that I could include tweets and pics, but my computer battery only has a couple of minutes left, and my charger in at school:(

I hope everyone else learned as much on Twitter as I did.

FYI-no proofreading has gone into the publication of this post. NO TIME!



3 thoughts on “10 Things I learned this Weekend on Twitter

  1. I love Twitter, too! It is definitely a great place to hang out. I find myself thinking of friends and our conversations from Twitter throughout the day when I’m not on Twitter. It’s so great to have like minds to interact with!


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