Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting might be my favorite picture book author of all time. Check that, Eve Bunting is my favorite.  This week I read my four favorite Eve Bunting books aloud to my fourth graders.  Each book rocked their world.

We read about racism and rioting in Smoky Night, poverty in Fly Away Home, illiteracy in The Wednesday Surprise, and honor in The Wall.  I fought back tears in each book, failing in two of them.

I look forward to going back to these books throughout the year as we continue to grow as readers and writers.  Eve’s books are often the stories that kids refer to again and again when they are talking books. Her books stay in a reader’s heart.

I am a better person today because I’ve read Eve Bunting’s books.


One thought on “Eve Bunting

  1. Colby – I know you think I know everyone – and I don’t really but I do know Eve Bunting. The first time I met Eve she introduced herself to me by saying “Hi! My name is Eve Bunting, and maybe you are familiar with some of my books.” – I think I blurted out something unintelligible because I was just in awe that I was meeting Eve Bunting but when I found words again I told her that I had used many of her books in my classes over the years. I still see her regularly and she is a dear, dear person.


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