November 2011 #titletalk

I am very excited to co-host #titletalk with the lovely Donalyn Miller (@donalynbooks) again this month. Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Donalyn. At NCTE I got to see first hand Donalyn’s passion and zeal for teaching and books.

#Titletalk tends to be broken apart in to two parts.  Part 1 is often centered around practice, and in part 2 we talk titles.  Last month we spent the first half discussing how we use read alouds in our classrooms.  The second half of our chat we looked at our favorite read alouds.

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This month’s #titletalk topic:

Part 1: How has social networking added to your professionalism development, instruction, and your reading life?

I think that this topic is going to create a lot of energy and lively chat.  Social networking has rocked my reading  and teaching life.  Last year I read…I have no idea how many books, maybe 100. Since I joined Twitter last April I have read 560 books, and that doesn’t include a lot of the books that I abandoned.

I’ll save the rest of my excitement towards this topic for chat Sunday night.

Part 2: What 2011 books are you looking forward to reading between now and the end of the year?

A lot of the buzz on Twitter this holiday weekend has been about how people are starting to go through a little bit of reading meltdown.  The first half of the year may have felt like a spring, and many people are still recovering from various conferences they attended.

With all the great books out there, I know that I am frantically trying to read the best books before we get too far into 2012 titles. Personally, I really want to be able to say that I read the Newbery before the announcement is made. Did I read it when I read Okay for Now or The Trouble with May Ameila? Maybe, maybe not.  I still need to read books like Wonderstruck and A Monster Calls before I start making book book award predictions.

Put the kids to bed early, warm up a plate of leftovers, get your debit card ready because it’s time join Donalyn Miller and me Sunday night at 8 EST. Can’t wait to chat.

New to Twitter chats? I was only a few month ago.  Check out this video to help you get started.

6 thoughts on “November 2011 #titletalk

  1. Colby, I absolutely cannot wait for #titletalk on Sunday. It’s a day I look forward to and my husband dreads due to the amount of books I end up buying. 🙂 I too am in a bit of a #readingmeltdown. Just finished Kate Messner’s amazing Eye of the Storm so I hope it is ending soon.

    And I love to try and read the Newbery before it is announced. Last year I was sure I had and then Moon Over Manifest won – I hadn’t even heard of it! Once I read it, I did like it, but I hope I at least “know” the book this year.

    See you Sunday!


  2. I’m glad you and Donalyn picked the topic of social networking for this week’s Title Talk! I think it’s especially relevant after NCTE and ALAN. I love how we can continue to discuss after the convention thanks to Twitter! Love it.


  3. I don’t think I’ll make the #titletalk tonight, but I want to let you (and Mr. Schu, and all the authors I’ve interacted with on Twitter, and all the new tweeps and friends I’m making by following all the people you and Mr. Schu keep conversing with) know that social networking with you has changed my teaching. I really wish I could join tonight’s #titletalk, but I don’t know if I can really put into words how something as simple as Twitter has transformed how I teach, how I find out about books, and jump-started my enthusiasm and drive for teaching and reading and writing. It’s amazing how inspiring people can be in just 140 characters. Have fun tonight.


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