sharpread and Teach Mentor Text Unite

Today marks the first day of a book club that showcases the power of social networking.  A couple of weeks ago, I met my dear Twitter friend Jen from, Teach Mentor Texts.  I had a blast hanging out and talking books with a fellow book junkie.

Our unique book club will take place either every month or every other month depending on how it goes.  It will work like this.  Each cycle, Jen and I will take turns picking a book for the other person to read that month. This month I purchased a book for Jen to read.  What makes it really exciting is that she has no idea what book she will be reading. The book is in route and will be delivered to her house tomorrow.  Sound fun? I think so.

We are not real sure how we will blog about it during the month, but one thing I know, we will have tons of fun talking books with each other.

Jen has been instructed not to read this post until after she opens the package containing her surprise book.

I have decided to give you sneak peak at our book club pick for December.  Feel free to read along with us!

I will post next week about why I picked Hound Dog True for Jen to read.

Happy Reading!


10 thoughts on “sharpread and Teach Mentor Text Unite

  1. I absolutely love that you two are doing this! I just read this book based on your recommendation (and Donalyn’s) and I adored it! I would love to join in some conversation with you two as you read. I also book talked it to my classroom today and had an immediate waiting list.


  2. Woo hoo! I got my book! I love the Mickey Mouse buttons! I love looking for hidden Mickeys at Disney World. I am already almost 100% sure what book I’ll be sending you to read in January! This is gonna be fun.


  3. Darn! I went to Books-a-Million today and bought $50 worth of books, but actually looked at this book and then put it back because it was hardcover (you know how pricey they are), and I already had a handful by then! Rats! I’ll have to buy it when I go back this Saturday. I knew I had seen some talk about it on the internet, but I couldn’t remember who or what! 🙂



  4. Love this idea! I’m already thinking of people that I might ask to do the same with me!
    Going over to GoodReads to bookmark Hound Dog…. I loved A Crooked Kind of Perfect!


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