I Want My Hat Back

I felt like I needed to say something about I Want My Hat Back.

My friends talking about I Want My Hat Back

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3 thoughts on “I Want My Hat Back

  1. Aw. What a great way to end Picture Book Month! I Want My Hat Back is so hard to sum up in words. It really does force you to think. If you are surprised by the ending it makes you cry out and want to talk about this book with people who find it hysterical from the get go.

    I read a social studies test for one of my students today. They have been learning about culture and one of the test questions asked about what diffuses a situation when people from different cultures trying to discuss heated topics. The example talked about people getting together over pizza and then debating their differing sides about a topic. While they bring their opposing views to the table – the fact that they enjoy pizza and that pizza brings them together to even have the discussion means that the pizza plays a pivotal role in cultural change.

    I Want My Hat Back is our pizza. It’s a picture book that we all have in common – the pictures are there, the words are there, the feelings are there for all of us to share no matter where we are. We all have our own perspectives on the book but without the book we don’t get a chance to discuss these differing perspectives, gain an understanding of what we each take away from the book, and hopefully grow. That, is power. Power to the picture book!


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