Jonker and Schu’s Top 20

When you are a 30ish year old guy that loves kid lit, two people that you look up two are John Schu and Travis Jonker. They run two of the best blogs on line: 100 Scope Notes and Watch.Connect.Read. They are lovers of kid lit, and they flat out know their stuff.

I have been looking forward to their annual list of top 20 for a long time. Once Thanksgiving rolled around, I started trying to guess which books would make their list.

Watching them roll out five top book a day last week was heaven. Today, I’m going to take a quick look at my reading and their list.

1. Overall Books Read

It was Meat Loaf that said, “Two out of three aint bad.” When the list came out I had read 17 out of 20 books. Meat Loaf says 67% isn’t bad, so I’m pretty happy with my 85%. I am now up to 90% after reading Amelia Lost by Candice Fleming yesterday.

2. My Goodreads Star Rating

I am always a little worried that when a book list comes out that I will have either hated the books on the list, or that I will have not heard of books on the list. Thankfully, this year I am happy to say that I LOVED all the books on John and Travis’s list.

We’ll use Goodreads to look at my star ratings of the books I’ve read from their list.

5 Stars: 16 books

4 Stars: 2 books

Holy smokes!

3. The 10%

Time to look at the two books I haven’t read from the list.

Wonderstruck-I’m going to be honest. I am disappointed in myself for not reading this book. It came out at the absolute worst possible time for me as a reader. Wonderstruck came out right when I had to start reading for Cybils, and I pretty much blocked out all other novels for a couple of months. Lately, I have been frantically trying to check this book out from the library, but it is never available. When I saw it was #1 on the list, I ordered it. The book is on the way.

The Adventures of Sir Gawain the True (Knights’ Tales, #3)-This is the only book on the list that I was surprised by. I just don’t know that much about it. I had seen the book come through on my Goodreads scroll every once in a while, but I hadn’t heard much chatter about it on Twitter. I’m excited to give this book a read over holiday break. It is waiting for me on hold at my local public library.

If you’d like a quick way to see which books you’ve read from the list, I’ve created a Goodreads shelf:

I’m looking forward to next December and another Schu-Jonker top 20.


4 thoughts on “Jonker and Schu’s Top 20

  1. For some reason I thought I had read Melvin and the Turtle but apparently not. When the list came out, I had heard of all of the books but still trying to track down a couple of them. Will be reading them all for the end of the year as well.


  2. Love your post, just went and created my only shelf on Goodreads for it. I’ve only read 12/20 although I had heard of all of them. Out of the 12 read – 10 are five stars, 2 are four stars. I have Breadcrumbs next to my bed in my “to read stack”, ICE, Melvin and the Turtle, and Sir Gawain are en route to my house for gifts for my boys for Christmas (I’ll read them before wrapping) 🙂 I’m checking the others out of the library today.

    And don’t worry about Wonderstruck. I bought it when it came out but students BEGGED for it first. I only grabbed it from one of them the last week of November when I PROMISED to read it in one night. 🙂



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