The Caldecott Challenge

I am very excited to be participating in Laura and Anna’s Caldecott challenge.

My goal is to read all of the Caldecott winners and honor books. I hope to complete the challenge in 2012. Unlike the Newbery challenge that I am co-hosting with Mr. Schu, I do not plan on reading Caldecott books in order. Most of the Caldecott books are not at my public library, so I will be reading them in the order I receive them from inter-library loan.

I’m not sure how I will blog about this challenge, but I’m excited to start reading!

For more information on challenge check out Laura’s post: Ready, Set, Go – #nerdcott

Feel free to join the challenge by linking up at LibLaura5


4 thoughts on “The Caldecott Challenge

  1. Count me in. I have already read most of them I am just three books short of having collected hardback versions of every Medal and Honor book, so this will push me to buy those last three books so I can complete the set. I will read them in chronological order, so it should be interesting to see the changes over time.


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