Caldecott Challenge Day 1

Last night I began my Caldecott journey. My goal is to read every Caldecott Medal and Honor book in 2011 (I am not going to reread Caldecott books that I read in 2010).

I am going to try and take my son along for the ride. Yesterday, he turned five, I read him 3 medals and one honor book. My goal is for him to read all Caldecott Medal winners before he starts kindergarten in the fall. I will probably hold off on reading him books like Hugo until he is a little older.


4 thoughts on “Caldecott Challenge Day 1

  1. Your son is so lucky to have a dad like you! 🙂 I taught kindergarten for 6 years-he is going to be SO ready for that magical 1st year.

    I can’t wait to start the caldecott challenge-hopefully this weekend. I’ll probably finish the caldecott challenge before I finish The Story of Mankind. 🙂 I think I might have to skip it and come back to it later and go ahead with Dr. Dolittle. 🙂



  2. I love that you are reading these along with your son! I may have to do the same with my youngest daughter who is seven. FYI – the Albion College library has a small children’s room and have many of the medal winners along with some honor books. 🙂


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