The Fourth Stall Part II by Chris Rylander

In Stores February 7, 2012

Have you read The Fourth Stall? You know, the book about the kids running a business out of an abandoned bathroom at school. Thankfully, Chris Rylander has decided to bring Vince and Mac back back to the fourth stall for another adventure.

I believe in amazing ideas. I believe in creativity. I believe in books that kids will talk about and share. The Fourth Stall Part II is all of those things. I feel that the idea of boys running a business out of the bathroom at school is brilliant. What kid wouldn’t love to turn a profit at school? I would have.

The Fourth Stall is one of the easiest “book talk” sells a teacher/librarian will ever have. Start to tell them about the kind of problems Vince and Mac are solving out of their middle school bathroom and you will have a swarm of readers jockeying to be the first reader.

Vince and Mac are back in business after defeating the school bully in book one. In Part II Vince and Mac are hired by the new kids in school, Trixie Von Parkway. Trixie is having some major issues with the school’s new science teacher, and is looking for help from the boys working out of the fourth stall.

Just like in in book one, things are not always as they seem. Middle grade readers will have a ball trying to figure things out.

I really enjoyed The Fourth Stall Part II. If I could, I would totally go back to middle school and start my own business in the bathroom. Not sure what kind of operation I’d run, but I’m sure it would be just a little shady, just like Vince at Mac’s.


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