The Dark Frigate

Be sure to check out what Mr. Schu had to say about The Dark Frigate.

The Dark Frigate

Here I am beginning the incredibly challenging journey that was The Dark Frigate:


7 thoughts on “The Dark Frigate

  1. Three comments, in no particular order:

    1) Go Saturn Ions! That’s where it’s at, for sure.
    2) I love how you have a multi-disc CD player, yet you have the book on cassette tape. I hope that was on purpose and not just because they don’t have it on CD. Though, perhaps with your glowing review, they will be sure to upgrade it to CD format so even more can enjoy this classic.

    (okay, there was an order; clearly I saved the best for last)


  2. Love the video!!! Some books just don’t work for us. Like a LOT of the first Newberys. Argh! I liked Dark Frigate more than some of the others, but Treasure Island was one of my faves growing up and it was a bit reminiscent of that. Still a tough read, but not as hard on me as say the second half of Story of Mankind and most all of Tales from Silver Lands.

    We will deserve a serious award when we finish plowing through all of these. I think this whole experience really reinforces that choice is a huge factor in reading. When we limit the choices of our students, we can cause them to dislike the whole reading experience. It can completely kill the joy of reading when we are paired up with the wrong books.


  3. oh dear. This is fabulous. I love that you can share with your readers that you didn’t even like a book. Don’t you wonder how it won the award?

    Also, I think I have a little teacher-crush going on with you. If I admit it, it makes it all okay, right?



  4. Too funny. That was terrific! I can say I firmly agree, however I made the decision after struggling mightly with only 50 pages. Walked away. “A” for effort, though?


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