The One and Only Ivan

I don’t know how to write a review for The One and Only Ivan. Trying to come up with the right words for a book that I love so much is hard. The bottom line is that I want every middle grade reader to have access to this book.

A library without Ivan is a library with a hole. The One and Only Ivan is a book that is accessable to most fourth grade readers, at the same time, I feel like sixth and seventh graders will be able to take so much away from Katherine Applegate’s story.

As of today I believe that 7 of my students have read Ivan. The cool thing is that all of them seem to be getting emotional at different parts. Each reader is connecting with the story in their own way. I love this book.

I understand that this isn’t much of a reivew. I’m sorry. Earlier I said that a library without Ivan has a hole. I felt a little like my blog without Ivan also contained a hole. I’m hoping that I’m able to work up the courage to maybe write a more complete review of Ivan in the future (maybe on Nerdy Book Club), but in the meantime, please read The One and Only Ivan. I believe that it is Applegate’s masterpiece.

Right now I’m reading Applegate’s Home of the Brave.


14 thoughts on “The One and Only Ivan

  1. I had the exact same trouble trying to express how strongly I felt about this delicate, wonderful book. So instead of saying anything, I simply handed it to my wife, and watched her fall in love with it out of the corner of my eye.


  2. There are a few books lately that I don’t know how I’ll review them. Part of me wishes there was a 5 ++++ star rating on GoodReads because they are that good. There are just so many reasons to love The One and Only Ivan that is makes it hard to start…and then once we start, it’s hard to write a review that’s coherent and logical and doesn’t consist of me simply screaming I LOVE THIS BOOK! I’m totally with you.


  3. I adored reading The One and Only Ivan, sharing it with my 5th graders this week. So touching. I adored reading Home of the Brave. Such a brilliant, impacting read that I still remember poignant moments of after 1 1/2 years…


  4. I just got a lovely email from Katherine last night for a review we wrote about IVAN last fall. I just knew this and WONDER would be wonderful books early on in the reading year. Now. . .I have to put you and all of our friends on a little book coming out in May called SWAY. It will be the next buzz book, my friend.


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