Here Come the Girl Scouts!

My new favorite way to share books on my blog is to ask my fourth graders what they thought. Early in the year they really struggled to share what they liked about books. I think that we’re getting much better.

My students were excited to share what they liked about Shana Corey’s Here Come the Girl Scouts!

*I loved her book because it really showed a lot about Daisy and how she created girl scouts.

*I am a Cub Scout, but I always wondered what Girl Scouts did. This book answered it.

*Every sentence gave you a lot of information.

*I love biographies because of this book!

*I love Here Comes the Girl Scouts because……I love the drawings and how she told us how Girl Scouts was started. I was always wondering how it started. Shana Corey is awesome!!!!!

*I think that it is a great biography that is very detailed.I liked the page that talked about the Girl Scouts  badges.

*The pictures are very fantastic and they went well with the words.

*I loved her biography, because she didn’t dread on with all the parts that don’t need to be said. I love how it is in the form of a picture book, because then it is a fast and fun read, and you can see pictures of the adventures, so it is way more awesome. EPIC AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love her books.

*I loved the book. It was awesome (not like other biographies).

*I like how the book is set up. It’s like she knew exactly where to put every part. It is really cool how she knows these facts, and how she knows how not to make it boring.  I use to hate biographies, but now that I have read this book, I finally want to give biographies a chance.

*I liked Here Come the Girl Scouts because I liked how Daisy wanted to help. I thought it was very descriptive. I liked the person Ms. Corey wrote on because I hate being a proper lady.

*I LOVED here come the girl scouts it made me think that scouts is not all about fun it’s about being helpful and fun.

My fourth graders really loved visiting Shana Corey’s Website. They couldn’t believe that she is and editor for Jenni Holm.


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