SOL-Reading Along I-94: Same Sun Here

Each month Jen Vincent and I participate in a book club together. We take turns selecting the book. Throughout the month we enter a Google chat back and forth in a Google doc. On Sunday’s we post our chat on our blogs.

Our book club book is often my favorite part of my reading month. Last month we were lucky enough to have author Gae Polisner join us as we chatted about her book A Pull of Gravity. Our book club is a way for us to deapen our understanding of how to talk about books. I feel that our authentic conversations help me a great deal in how I talk books with my fourth graders. Also, it’s a lot of fun.

On February 11th, at the Anderson’s Kid Lit Breakfast, Jen gave me the book Same Sun Here for our March read. I’ve been hearing great things about the book, and I’m super excited to start discussing it with Jen. Same Sun Here is written in letters. Two pen pals writing back and forth to each other. Jen wrote me a letter describing why she picked the book, and how much she enjoys our books club. It was super sweet!

Happy Reading Everyone!


17 thoughts on “SOL-Reading Along I-94: Same Sun Here

  1. Hmm. Now that I think about it, I have connected with all of my best friends through books at some point or other. Stories build friendships, stories heal friendships, stories even bridge friendships over space and time! Thanks for the spark!


  2. Fun to hear about your book club! Think I need to read SAME SUN here! It would be kind of fun to have a Twitter Book Club book of the month, kind of like #titletalk.


  3. I, too, love the connections that books allow me to have with others. I love the idea of stories written in the form of pen pals. I might need to check that out! Thanks for sharing!


  4. It’s great to hear about having a book discussion through Google Chat. I want to investigate that for my students. Our annual book club retreat is next weekend. I love the opportunity to spend an overnight with my good friends immersed in possibilities for our upcoming reading year and surrounded by good food!


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