SOL #4 Somebody Else’s Library

Yesterday my library was closed. Thankfully, I was out of town for the day. I traveled with my wife to the east side of the state for a gymnastics meet. She judged all day and I visited the library.

The library was giant, beautiful, and busy. My library is none of those things.

I did not like being in a different library. Nothing against the library I was visiting, but it just wasn’t home: I couldn’t find anything, I was greeted by name, new books didn’t have their own section, they didn’t have WiFi in the children’s room.

I managed to get about 5 hours of reading in while I was at the library, but the whole time I missed home. I can’t wait for 1:00 today where I can visit MY (home) library.


6 thoughts on “SOL #4 Somebody Else’s Library

  1. I love visiting new libraries. It seems like whenever I go somewhere, I end up at the library to check it out. Over the summer, when I was in Boston, I asked my friend to go into the library in one of the downtown areas and she had never been in. She found out she could check out books from there because it was the library of the commonwealth. Anyone in Massachusettes can borrow books from them. How cool is that? It had a really cool courtyard that was so peaceful. It didn’t seem like it was in the middle of a city. It’s good that you love your own library the most though. 🙂


  2. I understand what you mean, and seeing those favorite librarians is a part of being in one’s library too, but in Denver they have a fabulous huge library downtown that I love to visit. It isn’t my usual space, but is inviting because of its design and that it houses so many more books! Thanks for seeing this importance in our libraries. Our neighborhood’s library doors were closed for a time because of budget cuts, but it’s now open again although more limited times. We’re still happy to have it back!


  3. Colby – I really like how you described the other library as big and beautiful thus making the reader think you may prefer or love this library but in contrast your next statement is how much you miss your own. Sounds like the feeling I get with a pair of well worn jeans. It’s really special that a library is like home to you. I admire that!


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