SOL #8 World Read Aloud Day

Yesterday, I celebrated World Read Aloud Day with my fourth graders. We has a blast: reading aloud to each other, Skyping with authors, reading aloud to other classrooms, and Skyping with another class of readers.

We started the day off Skyping with the lovely and talented Katie Davis. Katie shared with the revisions from her picture book Little Chicken’s Big Day. They got to see most of the 58 drafts of one of the pictures in Little Chicken’s Big Day.

I really liked when Katie shared with the class the importance of an editor. She let them know that I am like their editor, and that they should probably listen to me. Thanks, Katie!

In the afternoon we Skyped with Michael Scotto. Michael visited our school in the fall, so the visit felt a lot like hanging out with an old friend. It was AWESOME! Michael talked a little bit about his new book and he shared some great books that he’s been reading.

Michael also read from his new picture book Nothing but The Truth. Michael takes reading aloud very seriously. Have you seen his NERDY BOOK CLUB POST? Michael hit a home run with his picture book read aloud. Never before in my life have I felt characters come to life in a reading, like I did when Michael read. He is a true professional.

The highlight of the Skype for my students was when they got to meet Michael’s “little red tornado”.

We ended the day Skyping with Chrystal Brunelle’s students. My students loved reading them an Elephant & Piggie book.

It was a great day!

16 thoughts on “SOL #8 World Read Aloud Day

  1. I love that the first author was sharing the revision process. Kids need to see that. I notice how many folks were skyping with authors … ack … I wanna get in on that next year.


  2. Love that you did this. I think the revision information from Katie is critical. Kids think books are just created, poof! Along that lines, I wish Shannon Hale could come to every school to dispel that. I saw her at IRA two years ago. She rolled a laminated line of rejection letters from her first book. There were so many it went out at least 20 feet. She talked about never giving up and believing in herself. It was a powerful statement and one kids need to see and hear.


  3. Love that Katie told the students you are like their editor. Sounds like you had a magical day. A pat on the back for bringing all of those experiences to your students yesterday.


  4. Great idea to connect with the authors on read aloud day. Your students must have been so excited to listen and talk, maybe especially with Michael Scotto, whom they had already met. I love hearing the enthusiasm you always show about books, Colby. It just doesn’t happen in every classroom. Hurrah for Read Aloud Day!


  5. I was one of the Highlights group that was with Katie when she Skyped with your wonderful class. I loved how excited they were and their questions.


  6. What an awesome day for your students! That revision talking really jumped out to me and had be saying YES! Your kids will have such a greater understanding of revision now. Love the pictures!


  7. What a great day for your kids! I really love that they go to see revision in action! My kids nearly fell over yesterday when Navjot Kaur told them that her last book told an entire year to publish. So great for them to see the real thing! Thanks for sharing.


  8. What a great day for everyone. I should have Skyped my grandkids and read to them. I can still do that! Thanks for giving me an idea.


  9. It looks and sounds like you and your students had a great day. I want to come be in your class or work in your school. Glad you celebrate books with your class the way you do. (Not that I haven’t told you this a million times…)


  10. I was with Katie when she Skyped with your class and it was just so fun! Your students were wonderful- they are truly lucky to have a teacher who is passionate about literac


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