Skype Day: Shana Corey


There is something special about a day that includes an author Skype. I can see it in my readers’ eyes as they walk down the hallway at 8:30 in the morning. They know that today is going to be special. Morning chatter is focused around questions for the author, and students will rush into the classroom and try to reread the author’s books while they try to avoid doing their morning math. The energy rubs off on their teacher. I’m always super excited to invite an author into our classroom, and introduce them to my readers.


Here Come the Girl Scouts!

Today we will be Skyping with the lovely and talented Shana Corey. We have been studying and falling in love with her picture books: Players in Pigtails, Here Come the Girl Scouts!, and The Mermaid Queen. We’ve read her author notes, studied her website, and discussed, at length, what we are hoping to take away from our visit.

My students fell in love with Ms. Corey after reading Here Come the Girl Scouts!. When I told the  class that Ms. Corey is Jenni Holm’s editor they flipped out. In case you haven’t read my blog before, my class loves Jennifer Holm… a lot.

We are prepared.

We are excited.

We are nervous.

Welcome to our classroom Ms. Corey. My class knows that you are a reader, and they will welcome you with open arms.


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