Boy + Bot By: Ame Dyckman

I posted this review last week on Nerdy Book Club.

Boy + Bot – By: Ame Dyckman

Illustrated By: Dan Yaccarino

Release Date: April 10, 2012

I received Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman in the mail last Friday. I knew that  Mr. Schu loved the book , so I was excited to give it a read. I waited until my son got home so that we could experience the book for the first time together. He walked in the door, grabbed the book off table, walked over to the couch, looked at me and said, “Dad, aren’t you going to come and read me this sweet robot book?”

Boy and Bot meet in the woods and they hit it off right away. They play in the woods having fun together, until the robot’s power switch turns off. The boy takes care of the robot like his sick mom would take care of him.

My son was very worried about the robot. “Dad, is Bot going to be okay?”

Later in the story the Robot has to take care of the boy. Bot takes care of the boy like someone would take care of a robot.

When the robot oils the boy to try and make him better, my son starting cracking up. He thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. “Dad, that is so silly. Boys don’t use oil.”

Towards the end of the book you will find a two-page spread that feels like a movie montage, filled with pictures of Boy and Bot playing. I know this montage works for the reader, because I have spent the last few days acting out this spread with my son. We take turns being the boy and the robot as we pretend to: splash in a pool, drink from our oil cans, pick apples, pose for pictures.

Don’t read or buy Boy + Bot because this 30 year old dude thinks it is a great book (I do), check out this book because young readers will fall in love with Ame’s book. When I asked my son if he love Boy + Bot, he stole his answer from Bot’s mouth, “Affirmative.”


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