Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

By: Annette Simon

Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

My son is a fan of robot books. When I received a review copy of Robot Zombie Frankenstein! I was super excited to see what he thought. I pictured us sitting down on the couch and reading the book together.

I was wrong.

I showed him the book and he quickly snatched it out of my hands and took it upstairs to his room. “Um..Breslin? Do you want me to read you the new robot book?” No response. “Breslin?”

“No thanks, Dad. I’m going to read this book by myself.”

15 minutes later I walk upstairs and say, “Hey Bres-“.

“Dad, I’m sorry, but I’m busy reading this book right now.”

A little while later it was bedtime. “Okay, Breslin it’s time to go to bed.”

“Dad, do you want to read Robot Zombie Frankenstein!, it’s really awesome,” Breslin said. Talk about a smart kid. He totally played me. He knew that I was dying to read the book, and now he had me right where he wanted me: 10 extra minutes before he had to go to bed.

I sat down with my son and Robot Zombie Frankenstein! We spent 15 minutes reading the book, but we never even got to the 32 pages in the middle. You see, Robot Zombie Frankenstein! has one of the coolest inside front and back covers that I have ever seen. On the inside cover you find an array of colorful shapes from the robots inside the book. The shapes are labeled things like: oval, rectangle, line. The back cover has the same shapes, but this time they are labeled the names of the robot parts: eyeball, robot arm, and speediness.

After Breslin went to bed, I snuck into his room and snatched the book. I sat down, by myself, and found that the story was as good as the inside covers.


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5 thoughts on “Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

  1. That is so cute! We read it at dinner last week. I had Boy + Bot and Robot Zombie Frankenstein to read. Jordan couldn’t wait until we could read it. He kept asking me to read it at dinner but I wanted to talk about something else first. It was torture for him. I do love the inside covers!


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