5 Fantastic Re-Reads

My goal when I began 2012 was to read 1000 books. As of 3:19 P.M on April 22, I have read 545. I’d say that I’m off to a pretty good start. I decided to reflect on my reading and write a little bit about 20 books that stand out.

Tuesday: 5 Great Pre 2012 Reads

Wednesday: 5 Great Re-Reads

Thursday: 5 Great 2012 Reads (Picture Books/Graphic Novels)

Friday: 5 Great 2012 Reads (Middle Grade Novels and Chapter Books)


The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Tom Angleberger

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

I keep re-reading and re-listening to this book. I cry each time. During my most recent rereading, I cried in a totally new spot. If you are an audio book fan I strongly recommend this book on audio. The 5 narrators totally knock this book out of the park.

Charlotte’s Web

By: E.B. White

I think Charlotte’s Web may be the best elementary age novel ever written. Rereading it helped me to realize that this book truly is amazing and timeless. A 2012 book that I will blog about at the end of the week reminds me a lot of Charlotte’s Web.

The Library

By: Sarah Stewart

Pictures By: David Small

The Library

The Library is an easy book to love. After meeting Sarah and David at a children’s literature breakfast, I fell in love with this book all over again. This probably sounds dumb, but seeing how cute of a couple they are, made me love this book even more.

The Ox Cart Man

By: Donald Hall

Illustrated By: Barbara Cooney

I just love the cleverness of The Ox Cart Man. As I write this, I realize that I’ve never read this book to students. That makes no sense. I need to read and discuss this book with kids. I’ll have to fix this soon.

Hound Dog True

By: Linda Urban

Hound Dog True

I feel blessed that I was able to share Hound Dog True with my students as a read aloud after holiday break. Each time I re-read Hound Dog True I appreciate it more. Sometimes when I re-read, I start to find things I don’t like about books that I loved the first reading. With Hound Dog True, each time I read it, I realize that I didn’t love it enough in the previous reading.

Check back tomorrow to see some of my favorite picture books and graphic novels of 2012 (so far).


8 thoughts on “5 Fantastic Re-Reads

  1. Learned some new things here today – I need to listen to The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. I love the book already and have read it several times. I’ve never read The Library or The Ox Cart Man – need to remedy that.

    I love Charlotte’s Web and Hound Dog True as well. Both perfect books.


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