Reading Along I-94: See You at Harry’s

Each month Jen Vincent and I participate in a book club together. We take turns picking the book, and throughout the month we meet in a Google document and discuss the book. Each Sunday our discussions are posted at Teach Mentor Texts and here at sharpread.

This month it’s Jen’s turn to pick the book. She has chosen See You at Harry’s by Jo Knowles. I picked up an ARC of See You at Harry’s at NCTE, but I haven’t gotten the chance to read it, yet. Young adult fiction is not my  genre of choice. I teach fourth graders, and most of my reading is centered around books I can share with them.

It’s always exciting when I get a chance to read something written for a little bit older audience. At the end of each school day, I look outside my room and find between 2 and 6 former students waiting to say hi. Former students often ride the bus to my elementary before walking home. My first question to them is always: what are you reading? If they struggle to answer that questions, I have a special cupboard in my classroom for middle school readers. I’m hoping that See You at Harry’s makes that cupboard.

Thanks for picking See You at Harry’s, Jen. I’m very excited to see where our conversations lead.

Reading Schedule

May 6: Page 79

May 13: Page 145

May 20: Page 231

May 27: End


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