Caddie Woodlawn 1936 Newbery Medal

We are officially five months into our Newbery Challenge. In 19 short months we will have read every single Newbery Medal. I hope we make it.

Be sure to check out what Mr. Schu has to say about Caddie Woodlawn on his blog: Watch.Connect.Read

Caddie Woodlawn

By: Carol Ryrie Brink


5 thoughts on “Caddie Woodlawn 1936 Newbery Medal

  1. I love Caddie Woodlawn too, & wish more teachers would find and read it, so they would recommend it. So many of those ‘older’ Newberys sit unloved on the shelves. Thanks Colby, & also for the Fig Pudding rec. Fletcher’s always good, so I wonder why I haven’t gotten to that one-I’ll find it!


  2. Caddie was one of my favorite books as a 4th grader. It has always had a special place in my heart. If you didn’t love it, I was going to cry. So glad you gave it a 4 star rating. Must read Fig Pudding now.


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