Children’s Book Week

To be honest, before Wednesday I did not know a whole lot about Children’s Book Week. Thankfully, Mr. Schu’s first graders taught me and my class a ton about Children’s Book Week. After the lesson they read us Book Fiesta by Pat Mora.

Yesterday I asked my fourth graders what they learned from Mr. Schu’s first graders. Here are a few of their responses:

  • It started in 1919 That’s is a long time!!!
  • I learned that Children’s Book Week (CBW) started in 1919. I learned that  Franklin K Matthews started touring the country to tell people about children’s books, Then he came up with the idea of creating Children’s Book Week.
  • I never knew about CBW and now I do. I know a lot more about it like it was created in 1919 and it started with the idea that children’s books are life changers. I also learned that every year there is a new poster for CBW. CBW is a speacial time to celebrate reading and to  enjoy it and take it as a time to relax and get lost in it. Happy Children’s Book Week!
  • It was cool when Mr. Schu’s first graders taught us about Children’s Book Week. I really want The One and Only Ivan to win the Newbery.
  • I loved that Mr. Schu’s 1st graders tought 4th graders!!!! I loved that I can learn from someone that’s younger than me because I don’t get that every day.. I learned that in 1919 Childeren’s Book week was created. It was created by Caldecott Medalist Wiesner. Every year a new poster is made. Last years poster was designed Peter Brown. This years Childeren’s Book Week bookmark was designed by Caldecott Honor winner Lane Smith.
  • Children’s Book Week is AWESOME!
  • What I thought was interesting was……that we got to be taught by 1st graders. I liked it because we never ever really get tought by 1st graders. I also liked the book they read to us. My favorite part was when everyone said, TOON TOON!!!!

Thank you first graders of Brook Forest Elementary. Twenty-four fourth graders and one teacher now know a whole lot more about Children’s Book Week.

I just can’t get enough of this video.


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