Mark Turetsky-Professional Reader

I am a big fan of audio books. Every morning while I pack lunches and get ready for school I listen to a book on my iPod. I continue listening on my drives to and from school, and I usually listen while I work out. Audio books allow me to read 3-5 extra novels a month. I love audio books!

One of my favoirte readers is Mark Turetsky. If you have not listened to the audio versions of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda or Darth Pape Strikes Back you are missing out. Each book five different readers. A couple of the readers read multiple characters. The multiple readers really brings Angleberger’s book of case files to life. My fourth graders beg me to borrow my iPod during independent reading so that they can listen to Mark read Tommy.

It might sound nerdy, but I love to go to Mark’s website and listen to some of the clips of things that he has read professionally. I even enjoy listening to him read commercials.

Mark recently wrote a piece for Nerdy Book Club about being a professional reader.

Mark’s newest audio book, Newbery Honor winning, Breaking Stalin’s Nose was released recently. Be sure to check out the video below of Mark recording the audio for the book.


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