Marty McGuire Chat Recap

Before you check out the Marty McGuire chat archives I think you should think about reading Mr. Schu’s Interview with Kate Messner.

Wasn’t that interview amazing? Did you just preorder Capture the Flag? I did.

Now be sure to check out Nerdy Book Club award winning author Kate Messner’s Nerdy post.

I love Kate’s Nerdy post. Actually, I love everything Kate writes.


On Wednesday May 23, Mr. Schu and I hosted a Twitter book club. Our topic was Marty McGuire. I would like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy lives to celebrate Kate’s book with us. I had a blast!

Chat Archive


A Sample of The Love From the Marty Chat

libraryreeder Love the references to Jane Goodall! Wonderful role model for young students. #MartyMcGuire #MartyMcGuire-7:06 PM May 23rd, 2012

MrSchuReads Like all of @KateMessner’s books, Marty McGuire is a perfect read-aloud. #MartyMcGuire -7:06 PM May 23rd, 2012

donalynbooks I would have loved Marty when I was 8. I never wanted to be a princess. #martymcguire -7:07 PM May 23rd, 2012

KateMessner @sweetpea1273 I know quite a few kids like Marty. I’m a mom to one. (Heck, let’s be honest-I’m still a lot like Marty myself!) #martymcguire -7:07 PM May 23rd, 2012

librarybrods My 4th graders found a toad in the park today and I couldn’t help but plug Marty to them! #martymcguire -7:07 PM May 23rd, 2012

mentortexts I love how Marty has ideas and follows through with them – even if maybe she should think twice. Love her go-for-it-ness! #martymcguire -7:08 PM May 23rd, 2012

heidihuestis #martymcguire promotes mucking around and getting dirty. Dirt helps the imagination, I think!#Martymcguire -7:10 PM May 23rd, 2012

CurtisLibrary1 Thanks to my friend @sweetpea1273, I rushed to read #martymcguire this weekend! Handed it to a 2nd gr teacher as soon as I finished!! -7:12 PM May 23rd, 2012

KateMessner When I do school visits, kids love hearing that I kissed a frog for my research. #NotSoSlimyAfterAll#martymcguire -7:23 PM May 23rd, 2012

libraryjo92 The worm bin in the 2nd book is going to be a perfect read aloud for my school’s green day next year.#martymcguire -7:30 PM May 23rd, 2012

akgal68 I like that Marty is like her mother #MartyMcGuire -7:30 PM May 23rd, 2012

kkilpatrick7 I love my grandmas, but they were nothing like Grandma Barb – that would have been cool #Martymcguire -7:39 PM May 23rd, 2012

mentortexts Every librarian now needs #martymcguire books and Starbursts… -7:42 PM May 23rd, 2012


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