Classroom Book Awards: Part 2 (The Holm Edition)

Jenni Reading Babymouse
I would be lying if I said that I was surprised with the results from the following classroom book award categories. My class is madly in love with everything Jennifer L. Holm writes, and they have been since I introduced them to Babymouse the first day of the school year.

I’m not sure if they love Holm because I love Holm’s work, or if I love Holm’s work because of how it touches my readers. I’m guessing that it is a combination of the two.

Without further adieu, I present to you day 2 of our classroom book awards:

Shana Corey

My class fell in love with Shana Corey long before they realized that she also served as an editor to some of their favorite Jennifer Holm books. In the five years I have done classroom book awards we have never had the category, favorite editor. My students decide what awards to give, and they demanded that we honor our favorite editor. When I told them that they only know one editor a student said, “When someone is as Babymousetastic  as Ms. Corey, they need to be honored.” It’s hard to argue with that.

Shana Corey 1

Matthew Holm

I have a fourth grader that works on graphic novels every day after school. He told me yesterday that Matthew Holm is his hero. He said that every day he thinks about how cool it would be to create and draw and character as cool as Babymouse and Squish.

Babymouse For President

It’s not very often that 22 our of 24 students give a book 5 stars. Babymouse for President captivated my class in the month of May. All 24 students managed to read the book within 14 days of it coming into our classroom. I have really enjoyed talking about the ending with my fourth graders.

Turtle In Paradise

When my fourth graders gasp while reading Turtle in Paradise, I know exactly which part near the end they are reading. It makes me smile thinking about the conversation I’m about to have with that young reader.


When the year started zero students in my fourth grade classroom had read a Babymouse graphic novel. As we approach the end of the school year, nearly every student has read the complete series. I knew the class was hooked when Whiz-Bangs started showing up on Christmas lists.

4-Way Skype

A few weeks ago my students joined Mr. Schu’s readers in a four-way Skype with Jennifer and Matthew Holm. Bringing together readers from Michigan and Illinois, to their favorite author and illustrator in California and Oregon, was magical.


4 thoughts on “Classroom Book Awards: Part 2 (The Holm Edition)

  1. Colby, I love this line from your post:

    I’m not sure if they love Holm because I love Holm’s work, or if I love Holm’s work because of how it touches my readers. I’m guessing that it is a combination of the two.

    That is so true. I am sure your students are enthusiastic readers because of your excitement for it. However, I know my students love a book partly because I do, but I also love those exact books because my students do.

    I love all of the Holm related awards by your class. And I’d vote for every one of them. 🙂


  2. The Holm edition! I love it! My daughter and I heard Jenni speak at a local library in April; the process of putting Babymouse together was fascinating. We got our copy of Turtle in Paradise signed…and I know just the part you’re speaking of when your students gasp. I’m certain I did too the first time I read it.


  3. I was so inspired by your Sharpie awards that I did a similar survey with my own third grade students (sadly, my last name doesn’t lend itself to a clever award name like Sharpies!). Not surprisingly, Babymouse and Squish along with other graphic novels dominated the favorite series category and also heavily weighted the favorite author in my classroom too. Nick Bruel and Jeff Kinney were right up there with the Holm duo with my students.

    I wanted to thank you for sharing all of the great books that you enjoy with your students. I’ve taken several of your recommendations from Twitter (The One and Only Ivan, Wonder, Babymouse and Squish) and they have really helped re-ignite reading passion in many of my students, even as summer rapidly approaches!


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