Reading Along I-94: The Lions of Little Rock

Each month Jen Vincent and I participate in a book club together. We pick a book for the month and discuss the book back and forth in a Google Doc. We then post our discussions on our blogs on Sunday. Starting this month we are going to only be posting our discussions on my blog, and we are moving the posts to Thursdays. Jen  taking on an active role in Teachers Write is one of the reasons for the switch. Also, we think that it just makes sense to post the discussions on one blog instead of two.

I’m very excited to participate in Teachers Write! along side of Jen.

This month for our little book club Jen and I have decided to chat about The Lions of Little Rock. I could not be more exited to talk about this 5 start middle grade novel. I devoured The Lions of Little Rock in a little more than a day, and I am super excited to chat about it. Please stop by on Thursdays and let Jen and I know what you think of this wonderful wonderful book.

Happy reading!


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