The Templeton Twins

The Templeton Twins

By: Ellis Weiner

Illustrated By: Jeremy Holmes

I have been dying to read The Templeton Twins since Sylvie Shaffer reviewed it on Nerdy Book Club.

Reading The Templeton Twins book as one of my first books of summer vacation caused me to miss school terribly. I wanted to put The Templeton Twins in the hands of a fourth grader. I want to show them the book trailer. I want to show them creative illustrations that Jeremy Holmes has created, and I want to discuss with them The Narrator, who in my opinion steals the show.

For my “review” I’m going to give you a 5 step guide for how I will share this book with my fourth graders in the fall:

1. Show them the trailer

2. Talk to them about the unique narrator

I think that if I don’t point it out, many of my beginning of the year fourth graders will struggle a bit with the unique and amazing narrator. I think they will love the narrator after a little coaching.

3. Read aloud

I think The Templeton Twins would make an amazing read aloud. It would  be so much fun to help bring The Narrator to life. I think that reading aloud a couple of chapter will hook a whole slew of readers.

4. Read them a few of the questions from the end of a chapter

The questions at the end of the chapters are hilarious. Reading the students 3 or 4 of the completely insane questions would have them laughing (always a good sign).


1. Mary has five oranges. She gives two of them to Tom. Tom then buys twice as many as Mary has left and gives half of them to her. Who Cares?

2. Why are some dogs ridiculous, whereas other dogs are utterly ridiculous?

Funny, right? Just think how funny these questions will be to 10 year-olds.

5. Fight off the dogs

After steps 1-4 students will be fighting with each other for dibs to read this book first. I better have a good plan of how to select someone in a fair way

Look for The Templeton Twins in September. I have a feeling that your readers will love it.


9 thoughts on “The Templeton Twins

  1. I just read the book this week and loved it! So glad to see it is the first in a series:-) Love the 5 thing you’ll do to share it with your kids. They will definitely be fighting over the book!


  2. @David E– I beg to differ. It’s not Sylvie who did a great job selling this book. It is myself. Of what avail would Sylvie’s selling have been without the book’s expert narration? Still, you needn’t bother apologizing. I’m accustomed to this kind of abuse.

    The Narrator


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