Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain

Esther Forbes

1944 Newbery Medal

One of my favorite place to find great books to read is Mr. Schu’s Newbery videos. Be sure to check out what he has to say about Johnny Tremain at Watch.Connect.Read.

I wish I could have watched the Johnny Tremain movie instead of reading the book.

I'm guessing the one on the right doesn't count?? @mrschureads #nerdbery

I used a string cheese wrapper to keep my place while reading Johnny Tremain.

@100scopenotes String cheese wrapper.- worst bookmark ever??


19 thoughts on “Johnny Tremain

  1. This was so funny! I’ve already watched it twice this morning. Thanks for the laugh, and the great book recommendations! I’m working my way through all the Babymouse and I have One and Only Ivan on my table.


  2. That was so great! Love how you always manage to mix things up. Enjoyed the Jennifer Holm’s montage – reading all the Babymouse books this month. Thanks to you and Mr Schu for the steady flow of book recommendations – enjoy them!


  3. That rocked so much. My only sadness was that you didn’t include Caroline Starr Rose’s May B, because not only is it an awesome book, but it would have fit PERFECTLY. Still – great moves, Mr. Sharp!


  4. OMG! I’m so glad nobody was at home while I watched that because I was dancing all around in my chair!! LOVED it!!

    And did I see some kind of Christmas Babymouse book???? Got to get it!

    Thanks for the great video!

    I guess you didn’t like Johnny Tremain? And to think I was going to put that one on my list for 5th/6th grade history next year. Awww…



  5. Ok… So I promise I am not some weird stalker 🙂 but I just showed this video to my girls- today they finish kindergarten and third grade- and they are both begging to go to your school. Unfortunately, we live in NJ so it would be a tough commute! Thank you for making reading seem so great- I have putting Wonder on my big one’s night stand for months and she’s ignored it but now she’s dying to read it!


  6. Love the video! I can’t wait to show my third graders this fall. It will be exciting to see what videos they can come up with about their favorite books. Thank you


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