Interview: Rose Cooper

I am so excited to interview author Rose Cooper today. Before we get to the interview I hope you visit  Mr. Schu’s blog to check out the world premiere of the book trailer to her new book.

Isn’t the trailer phenomenal? Before we get to the interview we have one more step: Rose’s Nerdy Book Club Post. Just click on her picture below to learn all about how much Rose LOVES reading.

Your Blogtastic Novels are written in a journal form. What makes your books different?

It might be in journal form, but it’s not a journal. And it’s definitely not a diary. It’s a pre-blogging notebook. The main character, Sofia, writes down information she “accidentally” overhears so she can later post about it on her anonymous blog. The idea being…if the blog becomes super popular, she can use that to her advantage and write about her and her friends which could make them popular. Each book in the series focuses on one way that information can be passed around (Gossip, Rumors, Secrets) and how that can create problems for everyone.

Why should teachers/librarians run to the bookstore and purchase your books?

The Blogtastic Novels are fast paced and include funny illustrations that break up the text. Kids who might not have the patience to sit through longer books seem to enjoy the mix of pictures and text, as do reluctant readers. Kids can easily relate to the middle grade characters and it touches on subjects in a humorous way, such as bullying, friendships, first crushes, fitting in and family relationships, without being preachy.

What do you want kids to take away from your books?

I would love for kids to see how a simple thing like Gossip can do more harm than good. It can start off silly and fun but quickly turn bad. Especially when you put something on the internet because then it could really affect others. I would also love if kids could see how it’s not about being popular that matters but having a few good friends that you can really count on.

I love that you are a self taught artists. What advice would you have to kids out there that are  doodling away in their notebooks?

Keep doodling! You never know when it will become something more. Every creative person expresses themselves differently and whatever you’re passionate about, keep practicing and never be afraid to push yourself.

What are three books (other than your own) that you think every middle grade reader should be exposed to?

This is tough. There are so many excellent books out there, But if I had to name three, they would be:

  1. Wonder by R. J. Palacio.  About a boy with a facial deformity and how he attends a public school for the first time. It really pulls at the heartstrings and it does an amazing job showing how bullying can affect a kid and how hard it can be trying to fit in.
  2. Suddenly Supernatural l (series) by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel: These books are fun, entertaining, and show a little bit of history in each book. It also touches the importance of the main characters relationship with her mom, who just so happens to a medium.
  3. Holes by Louis Sachar: This is a great book that has been around for a while. The story of a boy and how his bad luck ends him in a juvenile detention center…digging 5 foot holes in dried up soil under the scorching sun. Along with adventure, you get a great sense of friendships and teamwork.

Okay, I must ask. I read something on your blog about how the only time you have ever flown in a plane you jumped out of it. Care to elaborate?

On a whim, I went skydiving. That was the first time I had even been close to a plane and it was tiny. It held only about 8 people.  I jumped out at 14,000 feet and it was amazing!. But I would still love to fly someday, in a larger plane and actually land.

Thank you so much Ms. Cooper for answering my questions!!!!

Thank you so much! I enjoyed all your questions!


I am giving away a set of Rose’s Blogtastic Novel series. The lucky winner will receive a copy of Gossip From the Girls’ Room, Rumors From the Boys’ Room, and an advanced readers copy of Secrets From The Sleeping Bag.

Rules for the Giveaway
* The contest runs from June 24 to June 27 at 11:59 PM EST. 
* You must be at least 13 to participate.

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