Babymouse For President Contest Reaches the Home Stretch

I have the giveaway copies for the Babymouse for President photo contest. All I need is your picture entries.

Babymouse has visited the White House, Mount Rushmore, water parks, and libraries. It is not too late to enter your pictures in the Babymouse for President Photo Contest, but time is running out. All pictures are due Sunday, July 1, at 8 PM EST.

More information provided below.

Babymouse is running for president. We at Nerdy Book Club, have decided to show our support by launching a massive campaign blitz and giveaway.

We need pictures of you and/or your family and friends reading Babymouse. Going on vacation? Be sure to take a copy of Babymouse with you. Going to the grocery store? Take Babymouse along in the shopping cart. Running in a 5k? I’m sure Babymouse would love to jog with you.

Mr. Colby Sharp will be giving away at least 10 copies of Babymouse For President. You can enter one of two ways:

1. Send your picture(s) to Babymouse’s unofficial email
2. Tweet your pictures using the hashtag #babymouse4prez

All pictures must be submitted by Sunday, July 1, 8  P.M. EST. Winners will be announced the day Babymouse for President hits stores, July 10.

The lovely and talented Jennifer L. Holm has assembled a rock star casts of judges for this contest. Each judge will select one winning picture. The remaining winners will be chosen at random using Each picture counts as an entry.


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