Kids Read Comics!

I can’t wait to travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan tomorrow to attend Kids Read Comics! in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Controlling my excitement has been difficult. I’m going to share 3 reasons why I’m excited to attend this event.

1. Kid Centered

Kids Read Comics! has a few sessions for educators, but that is not what this event is all about. It is all about the kids, and that makes me so stinking happy.

2. Nerdy Book Club Friends

Hanging out with Nerdy Book Club friends always makes me feel happy. A handful of my friends will be at Kids Read Comics! and I am so excited to spend some time hanging out with them. We’ll be sure to: talk books, chat about teaching, laugh, and film a Newbery video or two.

3. Raina and Dave

NY Times color

A lot of really amazing artist will be at Kids Read Comics!, but the two that I am most excited to meet are Husband and wife team Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier. I love not only their books, but also their passion for making sure young readers get an opportunity to read and fall in love with comics.


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