Books MY Kids Have Loved This Summer

I love summer. One of my favorite things about summer is getting to spend lots and lots of time visiting the library and reading with my children. This summer I have shared some great books with my kids and they have shared some great books with me. The following is a quick list of 10 books that we have loved reading this summer.

Three Books My 2 Year Old Has Loved


By: Janik Coat


Are You My Mother

By: P.D. Eastman

Are You My Mother?

The Family Book

By: Todd Parr

The Family Book

Three Books My 4 Year Old Has Loved

Penny and Her Song

By: Kevin Henkes

Penny and Her Song

Where’s Waldo

By: Martin Handford

Where's Waldo?


By: Ashley Spires


Three Books My 5 Year Old Has Loved

This Jazz Man

By: Karen Ehrhardt and R.G. Roth

This Jazz Man


By: Marion Bataille

A Book With A Hole

By: Herve Tullet

The Book With a Hole

Favorite Family Read

Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

By: Eric Litwin and James Dean

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons


5 thoughts on “Books MY Kids Have Loved This Summer

  1. Never read Jazz Man. Checking it out today at the library. Are you my mother? has been a favorite for a long time. Penny and her Song is amazing. My kids and I each choose a character for Where’s Waldo. Then we can each be looking for something else. I am going to get a new one to bring on our road trip tomorrow. I did a take home bag filled with Pete and all of his books and a journal for my first graders last year, so my own children know and love him as well.


  2. Are You My Mother? is the first book I actually read (like, out loud to my mom, who couldn’t believe I was already reading). She tells the story so often that I feel as if I remember the moment. And I have a very fond memory (of sorts) of that book now.


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