Meet The Teacher Night

I just finished up meeting my incoming students at Meet The Teacher Night. It was the bomb. I loved watching my new readers walk into my classroom and see their faces light up when they saw a classroom filled with books. Talking books, authors, summer, and fourth grade with these eager learners was fantastic.

As I sit at my computer and reflect, I’m thinking about 5 book conversations I had with my incoming students.

1. Jennifer Holm

All the buzz was centered around Jenni’s visit to our school, which is only 15 days away. I loved seeing the shocked faces when they found out that Jenni really was coming. A lot of electricity was in the air.


2. The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan

I had many former students come back and visit me during meet the teacher night. It was exciting to see how excited they were to tell me all about their summer reading. The only hard part of my night was telling my former students about Ivan’s passing. I had a girl that is stone cold when it comes to emotions tear up. It was touching to see how much they connected with the might silverback, Ivan.

3. Latasha and The Little Red Tornado

Latasha and the Little Red Tornado

I let the cat out of the bag tonight, when I let my students know that Michael Scotto would be coming back for another visit to our school in the winter. I even heard a few squeals when I told them about his next Latasha book.


4. J.K. Rowling Bobble Head Book

Who Is J.K. Rowling?

I met a fourth grader tonight that is obsessed with two things when it comes to books: Harry Potter and bobble-head biographies (a student term- not my own). You should have seen this little reader’s face when I showed her my brand new copy of the J.K. Rowling bobble head book. Her face was priceless. I kind of felt like a magician.

5. Bigger Than A Bread Box 

Bigger than a Bread Box

My goal is to keep Bigger Than a Bread Box a secret in my classroom. Last year my plan to read it aloud was destroyed when nearly my entire class read it aloud. This year I thought that I would be able to quietly tuck it in the back of a tub until it was time to read it aloud. That worked for about 5 minutes. A former student was visiting and showing a couple of new readers what books to read, when he came accross Bread Box. He looked to his friend and said, “You must read this book. You will love it, and you will probably get to meet Ms. Snyder this year. She is super nice.”

The cat is out of the bag.


I hope everyone that has started school is off to a rockin’ start. I can’t wait for September 4th to roll around so that I can get to reading with my new readers.





4 thoughts on “Meet The Teacher Night

  1. I love how you bring these authors to the forefront for kids. It would be impossible not to want to love books if you are the teacher. I hope to introduce the kids at my school to authors and illustrators this year, not just to characters and stories, but to the people who create them. Powerful indeed.


  2. My daughter will be walking in to her fourth grade classroom next week and I can only hope her teacher is half as enthusiastic a reader as you are. Can’t wait to follow your fourth graders along with mine.


  3. We’ve started & the books are rolling our of the library, but I know what you mean. Finding a good read aloud that many haven’t already read is tough. I hope only a few have read Breadbox. It’s so good. Best wishes for a lovely beginning with your students!


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