Book Recommendations For Bean

Yesterday was my first school day with students of the 2012-2013 school year. I am in complete book recommendation mode. Every time a student tells me somethng, I take that information and try to figure out what books that student might like to read. After reading the first four book in the Ivy + Bean series Mr. Schu and I have decided to take our book recommending skills and apply it to our friends Ivy and Bean. Mr. Schu is recomending books to Ivy on his blog ( and I am going to recomend books to Bean.

I am going to recommend one book to Bean for each of the first four books in the Ivy + Bean Series.


Ivy and Bean (Ivy and Bean, #1)

For me, the first book in the Ivy + Bean series is all about finding a friend where you’d least expect it. I love how Bean has no desire to become friends with Ivy. She sees Ivy as a pretty boring girl. Boy was she wrong.

I think that Bean would love Barbara O’Connor’s The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis. A most unexpected friendship develops in this book that I feel Bean could appreciate. Also, I think she would totally dig Popeye and Elvis’s adventure. She is just that kind of girl.


Okay, this recommendation for Bean may be a bit of a stretch, but work with me here. In Ivy + Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go the girls find something strange in the girls’ bathroom: a ghost. Odd, right? What is more odd an inappropriate than finding a ghost in the girls’ bathroom? How about a boy? OMG!


In Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record we discover right along with Bean her love for the unusual. I think Bean would fall in love with Unusual Creatures by Michael Hearst. Unusual Creatures is all about the strangest, coolest, and most bizarre animals out there. Doesn’t that sound like the  perfect book for Bean?


Bean is not the nicest little sister in Ivy + Bean Take Care of the Babysitter. I guess Bean is never really the nicest sister. I think that Bean needs to see what babysitting is all about. That might help her gain a better understanding for what her sister, Nancy went through as a first time babysitter. Probably not, but I’m guessing Bean would totally love Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novelization of Ann Martin’s Babysitters Club book.


I’m hoping these four book recommendations would get Bean off to a great start to her new school year!

Chronicle Books is giving away a copy of Ivy + Bean (book 4) as well as a sets of Ivy + Bean mini-notes. How cool is that?
Rules for the Giveaway
1. The giveaway will run from September 5 to 11:59 PM on September 8.
2. You must be at least 13.
3. Please pay it forward.

The winner of the giveaway will be entered to win the grand prize giveaway from Chronicle Books.

A complete set of Ivy and Bean hardcover books signed by Annie Barrows
1 Ivy and Bean Paper Doll Play Set
1 Ivy and Bean Button Factory
1 Ivy and Bean READ Poster signed by Annie Barrows
Set of Ivy and Bean Silly Bandz
Set of Ivy and Bean stickers

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2 thoughts on “Book Recommendations For Bean

  1. Do you think that Ivy and Bean would like Haywood’s B is for Betsy books? The ninth book reminded me very much of Haywood’s writing, which I adored when I was six. I’m curious if you have read any of these. My favorite was always Snowbound with Betsy. And welcome back to school! Hope you have a great year!


  2. I don’t know if you’ve done this with students, Colby, but think this would be fun to do with students. Take a favorite book character & find another book that character would love. I can see students really getting into it, & it would produce more book talking in class. Thanks for the speculation.


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