I love waking up on days that I am celebrating a book with Nerdy Book Club and Mr. Johnny Schu. Today is one of the those days. Happy TRIFECTA, I’m Bored! Illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes a thoughtful post today on Nerdy Book Club, Mr. Schu interviews the girl that STARS in the trailer, and I share what my students thought of the book. All in all a great way to start the day.

Be sure to check out the trailer of I’m bored on Mr. Schu’s website. He’s also dot a killer interview with the trailer star, Zoe.

Ever have second thoughts about reading a book written by a celebrity? I know I have. After reading Debbie’s Nerdy Book Club post, I am gonig to look at celebrity books differently.

And finally, what my fourth graders liked about I’m Bored.

  • I loved the page where she went crazy on the potato.

  • The drawings really grabbed me.

  • I liked it when the potato met the flamingo.

  • I loved the randomness of the potato and flamingo.

  • The part where the girl dressed up like a potato was hilarious. I can’t believe the potato still thought she was boring.

  • It was so funny when the girl went off on the potato.


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