Trifecta: My Students LOVE The Chicken Problem

I love celebrating books with my pal Mr. John Schu and the Nerdy Book Club. Today we celebrate The Chicken Problem. This book is the bomb. I hope you get a chance to read it to kids.

Be sure to check out Jen and Billy’s interview of each other over at Nerdy Book Club.

Mr. Schu premiered the trailer earlier this week. He’s back today with the thoughts that his students had about the trailer.

Now it’s my turn. Well is was suppose to be my turn, but my students pretty much took over the review and the interview. They really enjoyed asking Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson questions.

How did you come up with the idea for The Chicken Problem?

We love chickens! We find them hilarious, and fun to draw!

What inspired you to be a writer/illustrator and what would you do if you were not authors?

Jen grew up loving Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts” comic strips, and decided early on that she wanted to be an artist just like him.

Billy used to write when he was really young too. He loves making stuff up!

If they weren’t authors, Jen would do some sort of work with animals, and Billy would want to be a jazz musician.

Is the setting in The Chicken Problem based on a place that you have been? Have you ever lived on a farm?

 No, we’ve never lived on farms. Not even close! But we loved imagining it!

Did you have any pets as a child that inspired the cat and the pig?

Jen’s Cat Sydney inspired Cat. She would sit at the computer working, and Sydney would sit at her feet causing trouble in a lovable way.

Do you like solving problems like Peg? How would you have solved Peg’s problem?

We love solving problems! But while Peg solves every problem she faces, we haven’t solved every problem on our list…at least not yet!

What is your favorite type of pie?

 Billy’s is pecan, and so is Jen’s!

What were your favorite books as a kid? What are three books you think we should read?

Billy’s was Yertle the Turtle. Jen’s was Fox in Socks. Three books you should read are Yertle the Turtle, Fox in Socks, and The Chicken Problem!

Did where you grow up help you to come up with writing topics?

 We both moved a lot and had a lot of difference experiences, which contributed to our work.

Are you going to write any more books? If so, what?

Definitely! Maybe more books for Peg and Cat?…


Now it’s time to share my students reaction to The Chicken Problem. I asked them to tell me in one or two sentences why they liked the book.

  • I liked the part where the chickens went crazy.

  • I loved when the chickens got out.

  • I liked when they solved the problem using a wheelbarrow.

  • When she was carrying the chickens in a wheelbarrow.

  • When the chickens got loose!

  • I liked the part when she was talking really fast and yelling. It made the book fun and exciting.

  • I liked the part when she hugged the cat.


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