Squish #4: Captain Disaster

Over the weekend I was reading some tweets from Kid Lit Con about book reviewers. I saw the following tweet come through my feed.

This tweet got me thinking a lot about my blog and if my relationships with authors have an affect on my book reviews. Then I remembered that I don’t write book reviews, I write book talks. Pretty much everything I write on here is to help put the right book into the hand of the right reader. No book reviews here:)

With that being said, I still feel a little weird about featuring Jenni Holm’s book on my blog. She did just visit my school, and I do think she is the bomb dizzle. I have decided that I will not share any of my own opinions on Squish #4: Captain Disaster. I will instead, let my fourth graders share with you what they love about Squish.

  • He is very funny.

  • I love Squish because he has  funny friends, and also because he always has a new adventure.

  • He is funny and fun to draw.

  • I love that he likes comics, sitting on bean bag chairs,and eating.

  • I like Squish because every time you get to a page you wonder what’s next because it’s so cool.

  • What I love about Squish is that he’s in a Babymouse Mad Scientist, and that he’s a amoeba. Also, I love that he always says, “I’m not pink i’m green!” Oh and I like that he created his own series, SQUISH.

  • I love how Squish is like some kids: sitting on bean bags and eating Twinkies. Squish is one of the best series I’ve ever read.

  • I like that Squish, at the end of a book, always does what’s right.

  • Squish can relate to my life. Plus he and his friends are EXTREMELY funny.

  • I love Squish it is so cool!!! I have only read a 2 of them, but I hear kids talking about them all the time. I like all the friends he has. I want to read Squish 5 so much.  also like the things he does!!!

  • I like that you, Jennifer Holm made Squish an amoeba. Also, I love the fact that Squish looks like your brother Matt.


Can you tell that we really love Squish? I’m not going to give my opinions, but I am going to give away a few copies of the book Squish #4: Captain Disaster. Enter below.

I am giving away 3 copies of Squish #4.

Rules for the Giveaway

1. The giveaway will run from October 2 to 11:59 PM on October 4.

2. You must be at least 13.

3. Please pay it forward.


2 thoughts on “Squish #4: Captain Disaster

  1. My niece is in fourth grade, and we have not yet found “that book” to put in her hands that hooks her to reading. I’ve never heard of these, but they sound like they might do the trick!


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