Ivy + Bean Blog-a-Bration: I Interview an Ivy + Bean Fan

I can’t believe this lovely little celebration of Ivy + Bean is coming to a close. Two plus months and nine blog posts later, I have a deeper understanding of the awesomeness that is Ivy + Bean. For my last post I decided to ask an expert, one of my fourth graders, her thoughts on the series. This isn’t just any fourth grader. The student I interview is the biggest Ivy + Bean fan that I have ever taught.

What makes Ivy +Bean a great series?

Ivy and Bean are a great series because in each book something new and very interesting happens, and it is fun to predict what is coming next in the book.

Are you more like Ivy or Bean?

I think I’m more like Ivy because sometimes Ivy just likes to sit down and read a good book with her friends.

Which book in the series is your favorite? Why?

I think my favorite would be Doomed To Dance because I think it is the funniest book, and when you start reading it you CANNOT stop.

If you ran into Annie Barrows at a bookstore what would you ask her?

I would ask her about her inspiration for the Ivy + Bean series.



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