Bramble and Maggie

I am always on the lookout for great early chapter books. Students that are at the point of their reading lives, that need early chapter books often struggle to find enough of these books to keep themselves satisfied as a reader. A fourth grader reading early chapter books will work through them very quickly, reading at least one a day. This poses a problem for a fourth grade teacher in Battle Creek that wants to provide all his readers with lots and lots of “just right books”.

I’m feelikng thankful that I have found Jessie Haas’s Bramble and Maggie. This early chapter book is just what my early readers are looking for: smart, funny, and engaging.

Bramble is a bored horse with an attitude. Her life if filled with giving riding lesson after riding lesson. Going around in circles and helping people learn how to ride a horse is starting to get on Bramble’s nerves.  She wants something different.

Bramble’s owner decides that a life of giving riding lessons is not the life for Bramble anymore, so she decides to sell Bramble. Wanting to find the perfect home, Bramble makes things go terribly wrong for the interested buyers.

What I love most about this book is the relationship between Bramble and Maggie. Maggie is able to win Bramble over and watching their relationship develop will be a joy for young readers.

I’m hoping Bramble and Maggie finds its way into the hands of all the young readers out there, that are looking for an excellent early chapter book read.


4 thoughts on “Bramble and Maggie

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I have a couple of students who are on the cusp of great things as readers and this book sounds perfect for them.


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