The Newbery Challenge: The 1960s.

20s: done

30s: done

40s: done

50s: done

60s: DONE

I cannot believe that Mr. Johnny Schu and I have now finished off our sixth decade of the Newbery Challenge. It seems like it was just yesterday when we finished the sixth book in the challenge,  Mr. Schu’s favorite: Smoky The Cowhorse (just kidding).

I think that the 60s are my favorite decade up this point. Actually, I think that each decade that we have read has been a little better than the one before it. I’m hoping that means great things for our reading of the books of the 70s.

My ratings of the 70s books:

Yay! Zero one star books.

Up a Road Slowly

Island of the Blue Dolphins

The Bronze Bow

A Wrinkle in Time

I, Juan De Pareja

Onion John

The High King

It’s Like This, Cat

Shadow of a Bull

From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler




2 thoughts on “The Newbery Challenge: The 1960s.

  1. Mixed Up Files is the first chapter book I read as a child that HOOKED me as a more advanced reader. I try everyday to find books that will stick with my students like that! I wish I had time to read all of these books, but it sure is fun to read about you both reading all of these award winners! Thanks!!


  2. Colby, your posts on #nerdbery inspire me to keep me going. I’ve been reading them in a different order, but tackling Smoky now. It’s been fun to go back & watch your videos. Thanks for sharing your journey!


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