Comic Book Club

Things I do not know:

How to draw

How to make a comic

Things I do know:

My fourth graders love comics

My fourth grader love to draw

I took the things that I do know and decided to start a comic book club with the fourth graders at my school. I’m a little nervous about how productive the club is going to be, but hanging out with kids once a week for 40 minutes talking about: drawing, stories, writing, and graphic novels sounds like something that I’m willing to try.

Our first meeting was yesterday, and about 65% of the fourth grade showed up. We spent our first meeting Skyping with Mal and Chad creator Stephen McCranie. He totally rocked the classroom with his mad art skills. Watching an artist do a live drawing is so inspiring. I’m hoping that what we learned from Stephen will help our club as we begin our comic work.

If you have any tips about running a comic book club I would love to have them:)

We had an amazing time learning from Stephen during our Skype.


2 thoughts on “Comic Book Club

  1. I LOVE this idea! Please post more about it…any ideas or format. Did you all read comic books during the time? Draw? Talk about comics? I have several kids (boys especially) who love graphic novels and I can’t keep enough of them on my shelves! I’d really like to hear more. Thanks for sharing!


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