Newbery Interview: Marcia Dressel

I love learning about what people think of the Newbery Medal. It’s always interesting to see how my Nerdy Book Club friends are going to answer my Newbery questions. Today I interview Marcia Dressel.

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My questions will appear in red and Marcia’s answer in black.

What is your favorite Newbery Medal winning book?

Dead End in Norvelt

What is it about Dead End in Norvelt that you love?

It is my newest Newbery Friend.  I only picked it because to choose among the others that I love would be too torturous to my heart.  But I do love that in Dead End, Gantos is unabashedly honest so that young readers can get close to the characters.  Descriptions of Jack’s surprisingly imperfect life promise that young male readers who are uncomfortable in school can connect with his pain and humor, and wince at his mistakes.

What is your earliest memory of the Newbery Medal?

I’m pretty sure my elementary school librarian (and eventually the  predecessor for the librianship I now hold) read us part of …And Now Miguel.   I couldn’t connect to it no matter how many times she said the title. 

The Newbery Medal is… the indisputable sign that a children’s author has hit the mark.

Thanks for anwering my questions, Marcia!

Marcia Dressel has worked in an elementary library for the past 16 years.  Though the physical space is different, she indeed works in the school library in Western Wisconsin where she most vividly remembers scratch-and-sniff books, learning the card catalog, and the feeling of finishing her first chapter book. 

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One thought on “Newbery Interview: Marcia Dressel

  1. This book was one of my favorites I read this year. I found it humorous and sweet. I love the relationship between Jack and Miss Volker. I listened to the audio version which is read by Jack Gantos-very entertaining.


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