Reaction to the Schu Jonker Top Three

This morning Mr. Schu and Mr. Jonker announced their pick for the top 5 books of 2012. I knew that my students would be excited to see number one, so I decided to film their reaction. I hope that the scene in my room come Newbery, will look a lot like things looked today.


14 thoughts on “Reaction to the Schu Jonker Top Three

  1. Mr. Sharp, thank you for posting this! It is AMAZING to see your class’s reactions and hopes! So very sweet. From the public library youth supervisor in TJ’s school district.


  2. This is great! With the right person (a good librarian or teacher) to introduce kids to books, this is how kids will react to books. The second graders I read to are super enthusiastic like this too. Where are the reluctant readers? There are kids who find it more challenging to read, but I do not find kids who are reluctant.


  3. Hope you don’t mind but I included a link to this video as part of my review of The One and Only Ivan. I love the anticipation and excitement of your class.


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