Mock Caldecott Results

The fourth graders at Minges Brook Elementary (Battle Creek, MI) and Brook Forest Elementary (Oak Brook, Il) worked collaboratively during the month of November on a Mock Caldecott project. The students had a blast: reading, discussing, Skyping, chatting on Edmodo, and voting.

I’m excited to share the fourth graders choices for Mock Caldecott.


Good News Bad News

By: Jeff Mack

Thoughts from the panelists:

I LOVE funny things-this was super funny.

Good News Bad News is a beautifully funny book about friendship.

I like how they were having a good time and it was good, and and then it was really bad news for them.

It was my favorite mock Caldecott book because I love the illustrations and the colors.



By: Laura Vaccaro Seeger


Thoughts from the panelists:

I love the holes in the pages.

Because one picture goes to the one on the next page.

This book is one of my favorite books because I like the way of how they found real but different colors of green.

This book is one of my favorite book in the whole world because of all the illustrations and cuts.

Extra Yarn

By: Mac Barnett

Pictures By: Jon Klassen

Extra Yarn

A few words from a pair of my biggest Extra Yarn fans.

One Cool Friend

By: Toni Buzzeo

Pictures By: David Small

One Cool Friend

A couple of my students recorded their book talk of One Cool Friend.

Thoughts from the panelists:

It was funny and the pictures are good.

I loved that he brought home a real live penguin he had to hide it from his dad.

Boy + Bot

By: Ame Dyckman

Pictures By: Dan Yaccarino

Boy and Bot

Be careful these 2 fourth graders will convince you to buy Boy + Bot…

Thoughts from the panelists:

The colors look like a cartoon.

I liked it because it showed the relationship and to me that is very important.

I liked it because it was about a boy and a robot that wanted to understand each other.




2 thoughts on “Mock Caldecott Results

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t shared One Cool Friend, Green, or Good News, Bad News yet, so I will be sure to do so when we get back. I have them waiting. We didn’t have time to vote yet but will the first week in Jan.


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